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Maret 13, 2006

Profile : Polar Bear atau Beruang Kutub

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Lucu yah ngeliatnya, ngebayanginnya tuh putih dengan innocent looknya, bulunya tebal, anget kali yah kalo dipelukin…

Ternyata dari beruang kutub banyak didapatkan kebesaran Allah (Subhanallah!), bisa di liat di websitenya Harun Yahya :

“The polar bear can walk on ice without slipping because its feet possess the most effective structure for walking on ice.
It can swim at speeds of up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) an hour and travel long distances without tiring thanks to the web-like structure between its toes.
The polar bear never feels cold, and when overheated it tries to cool its body down by rubbing it against the ice. That is because of the special design in its 5-cm-thick layer of fur.
Polar bears can smell a seal from up to 30 km away because their noses are highly sensitive.
Almighty God has created polar bears with the most perfect design.”


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  1. i loved polar bear..they are the most cute bear,they must be protect from the them..for our chidren.

    Komentar oleh leena — Desember 31, 2007 @ 6:12 pm

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